Livestock trading

1st European group and one of the first company for cattle trading


  • 1st European group and one of the first company for cattle trading
  • 12,000 French stock breeders suppliers
  • 34% of French totaly cattle export

Since March 31st, 2016, the cooperatives of stock breeders FEDER/Celmar(LCA) and Eurofrance were linked to create EUROFEDER, the1st European group in cattle trading

Our values

  • A great proximity and fidelity with our stock breeders suppliers
  • A team of commercials dedicated for our members
  • Warranty of fair price to the stockbreeder
  • A knowledge recognized in Europe, North Africa and South America

Eurofeder over the world

EUROFEDER holds his subsidiaries in France, Brazil, and Uruguay.

  • 1800 customers throughout the world: France, Italy, North Africa, Greece, Turkey,
  • 500,000 heads of cattle (including 340,000 from France) commercialized per year,
  • Beef pure breeds, cross and dairy breed.

Eurofeder in France

13 export and quarantine stables in France for the cattle,to be closed to our suppliers.

Weber society owned by Eurofeder in the North of France.


Respect of international standards and specifications by country, following client wishes and health protocol imposed by veterinary authorities: vaccination, blood tests…
The French regulation is under the responsibility of the stockbreeder, EUROFEDER manage the supply, with a team of professional, able to select the best animals and technical specifications required for export.