Herbal Paradise has got his administrative offices in Montevideo with its 3 export stables and quarantine in Florida and Flores area with a total capacity of 27.500 heads of cattle : 150 kms from the loading port. In the 3 centers  Eurofeder with his qualified employes select and prepare animals for export.

In these centers, Eurofeder employs local staff but also the French workers who guarantee the follow-up of animals since their purchase and the selection, health protocol, up to loading.

Since June, 2017, Eurofeder has open an agent's cattle office in Montevideo.

In partnership with cattle traders of Uruguay, "Agro Oriental" marketed, over only 8 months of activity in 2017, 61.380 heads. The operation was realized with local and international financial structures (Trust and insurance Coface) to guarantee to the subsidiary a zero risk financial plan. This additional operation of Herbal Paradise activity, give a major presence on the territory and especially direct contact with the suppliers. Agro Oriental is partnership since June 2018 with of the most important Uruguayan cattle market: Plaza Rural.