Eurofeder with the international one

EUROFEDER holds his subsidiaries in France, Brazil, and Uruguay,1 800 customers all overthe world: France, Italy, North Africa, Greece, Turkey.

500,000 heads of cattle are marketed (including 340,000 from France), pure, crossed beef breeds and dairy breeds. For several decades, EUROFEDER has been present on international market.

The company knew how to create and consolidate a strong world sales network, according to be the first European exporter and to be among the first cattle trader in the world.
The emerging market research and commercial prospection open the door for new export activity.
To be the precursor returned on a new market can represent an extremely important added-value in win-win partnership.

Our strength is first of all, to be able to offer to our customers diversified breeds of cattle and origins of area.
It’s also, to have a careful management of the logistics integrated by land and maritime way. The business expertise and the respect of each requirement for specific health protocols agreed by the countries of importation and exportation. The rigorous control place EUROFEDER as one of the main actors in cattle trading on the world.