Mr. Giancarlo Ghizzoni (current principal share holder of Eurofeder) creates its first company of import-export for cattle“Alcombest”.


Mr. Giancarlo Ghizzoni creates company “EUROFRANCE”, specialized in export of cattle from France to Italy.
The company is classified by the newspaper “Expansion” with the 10th rank of best starting firm among 177,000 selected companies.


EUROFRANCE decides to develop activities everywhere in the world..
Un contrat commercial de J/V avec l'abattoir Minerva est signé sous la marque brésilienne EUROMINERVA.
EUROMINERVA becomes the largest Brazilian exporter of livestock in the world.


FEDER, the largest breeding cooperative of French cattle returns in the capital of EUROFRANCE.
Association private-cooperative, a know-how recognized for 50 years, and stockbreeders who produce the best breeds is force of success.
The cooperative Feder, whose one of its shareholders is the 3rd larger cereal producer of the world Axereal (, represents approximately 12,000 farmers.
The name of the company becomes “EUROFEDER” and represents the most important European cattle exporter.


With around 600,000 heads of cattle sold in the world, Eurofeder becomes one of the largest exporters of cattle in the world. The sales turnover of EUROFEDER reach 512 million of Euros.