About us

Mister Ghizzoni, Chairman of Eurofeder

“Eurofeder is the product of reflection to link the main private exporter (Eurofrance) with one of the largest French cooperative (Feder) with a threefold objective:

  • to develop synergies able to guarantee a major presence on the territory, by consolidating the capacity of supply cattle thanks to the network of stockbreeders as well members of the cooperative or from private sector,
  • to guarantee to the stock breeders and members of Eurofeder, the major outlets for their cattle on the new international market and those already existing where Eurofeder has operated for several years by developing and consolidating privileged trade relations,
  •  to make economies of scale through the structure costs and optimization of human resources in order to be able to improve the yeld of the company“.

Our strength!

Our strength is first of all, to be able to offer our customers diversified breeds of cattle and origins of area.

It’s also, to have a careful management of the logistics integrated by land and maritime way. The business expertise and the respect of each requirement for specific health protocols agreed by the countries of importation and exportation. The rigorous control place EUROFEDER as one of the main actor in cattle trading on the world.


Michel Millot, General Manager of Eurofeder

“We created Eurofeder by unifying our export sector Limousin Charolais Acor and Eurofrance. We wish to be:

  • major on the export market, - active and involved on emergent markets and overseas new outlets,
  • engaged in a subsidiary to a significant degree, and bring our knowledge and our cattle production in a recognized operator, Eurofrance sharing our values and our philosophy“.